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Natures Wonders Naturally

Up Close and Personal Wildlife Viewing!

The Otago Peninsula headland is arguably the most precious wildlife habitat in New Zealand and the farm owned by the Reid family is right on the forefront of this headland.
Here amongst truly spectacular scenery, significant breeding colonies of wildlife including the world’s rarest penguins, the yellow-eyed, the little blue penguins, the New Zealand fur seals, sea lions and a large variety of birdlife all live in harmony. Natures Wonders is also a yellow eyed penguin sanctuary.

Penguin Express
  • Spectacular views
  • Comfortable seating
  • Tours conducted on private land
  • Minimal fitness required
  • Up close and personal wildlife viewing!
ARGO adventure
  • 8x8 wheel ATV
  • Exhilarating wildlife tour
  • Immersed in true nature
  • Argos will transport you to a self funding private sanctuary
  • Up close and personal viewing!
Natures Wonders is a Reid family conservation effort.

Contact: Hosts - Perry, Tracey and the Team
Address: Entrance to the Otago Harbour, on the Peninsula. Just past the Royal Albatross Colony ,Dunedin
Phone: +64 478 1150  
FreePhone: 0800 246 446 - within New Zealand only
Map Reference:
GPS coordinates: -45.777315,170.729609