Central Otago

Central Otago Central Otago is as much a place in people''s hearts as a region outlined on a map. It''s a special place. A place of holidays. A place where nature''s most powerful elements combine to create a unique and enchanting environment. A place where the worlds finest merino wool is produced. 

''Central'', affectionately called by those that know it well, is a land of riches. Rivers that once yielded gold now irrigate the soil and fuel the country. Towns built on the prosperity of yesterday are building futures based on the extraordinary resources all around them, without forgetting the precious heritage of their past.

Central Otago is New Zealand’s most inland region. It is also its hottest, coldest and driest. A fragmented schist plateau in a semidesert environment, Central Otago is a living museum,
scattered with historic features preserved by a dry climate. This peaceful, powerful place of physical
challenge and seasonal contrast has barely changed over centuries. 

Central Otago covers an area of 10,000km and has fewer than 20,000 permanent residents. With so much to discover, it is fast becoming one of New Zealand’s leading tourism destinations. 

Whatever your reasons for being in Central Otago, be they: wilderness, majestic scenery, wine and living the good life in consistently warm weather, here is a place which truly offers a World of Difference.