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Ombrellitos is the recently opened ‘rebel child’ spin off at the other end of town. Located in the beautifully restored Petridish Building at 8 Stafford Street, Ombrellitos is a cafe and bar offering the same excellence Dunedin has come to love at Ombrello’s – craft beers on tap; lunch and evening bites; a good helping of cabinet food, coffee and cake; a cheeky little glass of wine; and the chance to share our famous rums, whiskies and gins.

Open Monday to Friday from 9am.
Bookings taken for events can include weekends and the beautiful new event space right next to the bar.

Address: 8 Stafford Street, ,Dunedin
Phone: +64 477 8773  
Map Reference:
GPS coordinates: -45.879111,170.499622