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Hospital Visiting Hours

Dunedin Hospital and Queen Mary Maternity Centre:
201 Great King St. Ph (03) 474 0999.
Please help our staff care for our patients by only visiting our wards between 2pm and 8pm – except for the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit, adult Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Units where visiting is by appointment only. Special arrangements are made for parents and caregivers of children in our wards. (L10) 

Mental Health Emergency Psychiatric Services, Dunedin Hospital:
201 Great King St. Ph (03) 474 0999. (L10) 

Wakari Hospital
369 Taieri Rd. Ph (03) 476 2191. 
Visiting Wards 9A and 10A is by appointment only. All other mental health wards’ visiting hours are between 3pm and 8pm, or at other times by arrangement. The long-term rehabilitation ward’s visiting hours are between 2pm and 8pm, but special arrangements are made for families. (A7) 

Mercy Hospital
72 Newington Ave. Ph (03) 464 0107. 
Visiting hours are between 2pm and 8pm. (H6) 

Otago Community Hospice
293 North Road. Ph (03) 473 6005. 
Daytime visiting; normally 9am – 7pm. (P1)

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