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West Otago Museum

The West Otago Museum was formed out of the coming together of three organisations: the West Otago Vintage Club Inc., West Otago Historical Society and the West Otago Steam Society providing a wide range of interesting displays at the one site. 

The museum opened in 1986 and houses some of the world''s rarest tractors, aging from 1913 to the early 1950s. All of the tractors on display are in working order. 

Open to the public our historical archive contains the earliest issues of the Tapanui Courier and journals and photographs from the days of early European settlement. 

The household section displays items used in homes of the district''s pioneers. This enclosed display has artefacts from the kitchen, parlor, and bedroom of the typical 1880s home. 

Also on display throughout the museum are examples of early butter churns, hand-powered washing machines and items from the Tapanui hospital. 

Open Mon – Fri Phone (03) 204 8306 
Weekends 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Address: Northumberland Street ,Tapanui
Phone: +64 3 204 8306  

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