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Stewart Island Experience Village and Bays Tours
Gain an interesting insight in the community, history and environment of Stewart Island as you explore Oban and surrounding bays.
Knowledgeable, local guides. Modern, spacious minibuses. Regular

Coast to Coast
The best way to experience stunning Stewart Island

  • Scenic Flight
  • 2-9 People
  • 4-6 Hour wilderness trek
  • Mason Bay Beach Landing
  • 45 minute boat ri

Discover Stewart Island
The ultimate eco-tourism destination

Discover Stewart Island unspoilt world of lush , an bush and stunning coastline
  • Just one hour by ferry from Bluff

Ringaringa Heights Golf Course

Southland Locator Beacons

Save a Life - It could be your own!

Stewart Island Experience - Escape to Stewart Island
Relax and unwind on New Zealand’s southern-most island Stewart Island, an unspoilt world of lush bush, stunning coastline and thriving birdlife, only one hour from the mainland by ferry.
Whether you visit for a day trip or an overnight stay there’s plenty to see and explore.

Stewart Island Experience - Wild Kiwi Encounter
At dusk cruise across Paterson Inlet to Little Glory Cove.
Once there, take a short guided bush walk by torchlight through to a secluded sandy beach. Here, in the darkness you’ll get up close to the Southern brown kiwi in its unspoilt natural habitat. Guaranteed!*

Stewart Island Experience Paterson Inlet Cruises
On Board our luxury catamaran enjoy a leisurely cruise of beautiful Paterson Inlet and visit Ulva Island - a renowned wildlife sanctuary. See rare plants and abundant bird life during a fascinating

Stewart Island Experience Underwater Explorer Cruises
Stewart Island is famous for its crystal clear waters and rich marine life. Enjoy superb underwater viewing from our semi-submersible. Drift through lush kelp forests, view craypots, mussels, sea tu

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