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Stewart Island Experience Ferry Services
Stewart Island - Bluff
Experience Foveaux Strait in comfort and style on board our express catamarans. During the one-hour crossing keep a look-out for wildlife, especially

Stewart Island Experience nature’s sanctuary
Discover Stewart Island, an unspoilt world of lush bush and stunning coastline. Just one hour by ferry from Bluff, Stewart Island is perfectly suited for a day excursion or an overnight stay. Accommod

Stewart Island Flights
Just a 20 minute scenic flight from Invercargill to this tranquil place where time almost stands still...
where silence is broken only by a native bird calling in the trees...


Stewart Island Rentals
Explore Stewart Island at your leisure in our excellent quality and competitively priced rental vehicles: cars, motor scooters and mountain bikes.
Free map and petrol provided. Drivers licence r

Bravo Kiwi Spotting
Evening cruise with guided bush walk to look for KIWI in their natural environment. A good level of fitness required. Bookings essential. Charters available for Pelagic bird watching, scenic parties

Coast to Coast
The best way to experience stunning Stewart Island

  • Scenic Flight
  • 2-9 People
  • 4-6 Hour wilderness trek
  • Mason Bay Beach Landing
  • 45 minute boat ri

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