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Wineries in the South

A Guide to Central Otago Wineries and Vineyards

Although small, Central Otago is a rapidly developing wine growing region, with over 178 vineyards, and an international reputation for Pinot Noir. In 2007 Pinot Noir comprised approximately 85% of the total vineyard plantings, with Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Riesling accounting for about 8% each. Other minor varieties to perform well on suitable sites are Sauvignon Blanc and Gew邦rztraminer. Production of sparkling wine, traditionally made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, has been small but the high quality achieved has seen the wines well received.
※This is God*s Country when it comes to Pinot Noir§ (James Halliday in Panorama 2000)

At 45∼ south this is the world*s southernmost winemaking region. The region is mountainous, rising to over 2000m with the vines planted amongst spectacular alpine scenery. The vineyards are also the highest in the country, located between 200 and 450 metres above sea level.

Central Otago has a rich historical heritage. John Desire Feraud was attracted to the area during the Dunstan goldrush of 1862. Feraud came from a French winemaking family and quickly recognised the potential for grape growing, planting the first wine grapes in Central Otago in 1864. Over the next 20 years he made a variety of wines, some winning prizes in Sydney wine competitions. His stone built winery ※Monte Christo§ survives today and two of Feraud*s transluscent deep-blue bottles may be seen in the Clyde Museum. Following his departure from the region, commercial winemaking ceased and was not revived until the early 1980*s with experimental grape plantings around Queenstown, Wanaka and Alexandra. The first modern commercial wines were produced in 1987. The annual Feraud Dinner, hosted by the Central Otago wine industry, celebrates his pioneering vision and enterprise.

The Sub Regions
Central Otago is comprised of four distinctive sub-regions separated by mountains and deep gorges. The Cromwell basin accounts for 70% of the regions' vineyards and includes Bannockburn in the south, Lowburn, Wanaka Road and Bendigo to the north. A further 20% of plantings are found around Gibbston where most vines occupy steep north-facing fans and terraces above the dramatic Kawarau Gorge. In the southwest of the region are Clyde and Alexandra (7%), with vines nestled among rugged schist tors in a dry intermontane basin. Michael Kors Bags. The remainder of the vines (3%) are located around Wanaka where vineyards run down to the shore of the lake against a backdrop of snow-clad mountains and glaciers.

The Soils
Central Otago*s vineyards are located on a variety of soils ranging from windblown sands to heavy silt looms and weathered schist. Most of the soils are derived from loess or alluvial deposits, often with underlying gravels allowing free drainage. To the west some of the soils are developed on glacial outwash or moraine and there are even small pockets of man-made soils resulting from hydraulic sluicing during the gold mining days of 140 years ago. Each of these soil types has a distinct influence on the growth and flavours in the grapes.

Central Otago is the only area in New Zealand with a semi-continental climate resulting in greater daily and seasonal extremes of temperature than found elsewhere in the country. Summers are hot and dry, with autumns cool and generally dry with cold nights. Rain falls evenly throughout the year and averages from 325-700mm per annum, generally increasing to the west. The relatively low rainfall results in a low incidence of botrytis and other fungal disease reducing the need for spraying. The large diurnal temperature variation 每 the difference between daytime and night-time temperatures 每 contributes to flavour intensity, gives depth of colour and stability to the wines.

Heavy frosts are common throughout the winter and frost can occur at any time between March and November. Vines are susceptible to frost in the growing season and as a result most vineyards are on warm north-facing slopes which promote cold-air drainage. On flatter sites wind machines, water sprinklers and misting systems or other frost protection measures are adopted.

These wines can be found in a number of local wine shops in the area or from the indicated Cellar Door outlets (shown in italics).

  • Alexandra Wine Company
  • Anthony James
  • Bannock Brae Estate
  • Goldfields
  • Hay*s Lake: Quartz Reef
  • Kawarua Estate: Central Otago Wine Company
  • Kenley
  • Margaret John
  • Marharg: Central Otago Wine Company
  • Nevis Bluff: Central Otago Wine Company
  • Pisa Range Estate: Quartz Reef
  • Pisa Moorings
  • RD1/Sleeping Dogs: Central Otago Wine Company
  • Twin Paddocks: Central Otago Wine Company
  • Valli
  • Van Ash

    For more information on accommodation and activities within the region:

    Wanaka Visitor Information Centre
    Address: 100 Ardmore Street, P O Box 147,
    Lake Front, Wanaka
    Phone: +64 3 443 1233
    Fax: +64 3 443 1290
    Email: info@lakewanaka.co.nz
    Website: www.lakewanaka.co.nz

    Queenstown Visitors Centre
    Address: cnr Camp & Shotover Streets, P O Box 253,
    Freephone: 0800 668 888
    Phone: +64 3 442 4100
    Fax: +64 3 442 8907
    Email: qvc@xtra.co.nz
    Website: www.newzealand-vacation.com

    Cromwell & Districts Information Centre/Museum
    Address: 47 The Mall, P O Box 2,
    Phone: +64 3 445 0212
    Fax: +64 3 445 1319
    Email: cromwellvin@xtra.co.nz
    Website: www.cromwell.org.nz

    Central Otago Visitors Information Centre Alexandra
    Address: 22 Centennial Ave, P O Box 56,
    Phone: +64 3 448 9515
    Fax: +64 3 448 2061
    Email: info@alexandra.co.nz
    Website: www.tco.org.nz

    Central Otago Wine Cellar
    www.otagowine.com the online information and sales for all Otago wines.

    Wine Tours
    There are a variety of different wine tours operating, please contact either the following tour operators, or the local Information Centre;

    1. Appellation Central Wine Tours
    Appellation Central offers small group, wine tours departing Queenstown and visiting some of Central Otago's premium vineyards. The tours are well paced with time to savour the unique surrounds of Central, its history, the people and its fine cuisine.
    Phone: +64 3 442 0246
    Fax: +64 3 442 0143
    Email: info@appellationcentral.co.nz
    Website: www.appellationcentral.co.nz

    2. Queenstown Wine Trail
    Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our local wineries & taste distinctive wines. Departs 12.30pm daily
    Phone: +64 3 442 3799
    Email: qwinetrail@xtra.co.nz
    Website: www.queenstownwinetrail.co.nz


    Central Otago Wine Festival
    Annual food and wine festival held in the picturesque Queenstown Gardens. Held in late January/ early February. For more details contact Adam Peren on telephone +64 3 442 4000

    Clyde Harvest Festival
    Wine and food festival held in Clyde Township every Easter.

    Pinot Noir Celebration
    An event to celebrate Pinot Noir with international speakers, seminars and tastings. In 2003 the celebration will be held on 31st January-1st February. For more details contact Blair Walter on telephone +64 3 445 0885

    Feraud Dinner
    Dinner for grapegrowers and winemakers to conclude harvest. May/June.
    For more details contact C.O.W.A on telephone +64 3 554 1585


    Lindis River Wines

    6 Thomson Gorge Road

    Ardgour Valley, Tarras

    By appointment only

    Tel: (03) 445 2020

    Fax: (03) 445 2021

    E-Mail: info@lindisriver.co.nz

    Website: www.lindisriver.co.nz

    Mount Maude

    Maungawera Valley

    Rapid 161, RD2 Wanaka

    Tastings by appointment only

    Tel: (03) 443 8398

    Fax: (03) 443 1908

    E-Mail: mountmaude@xtra.co.nz

    Website: www.mountmaude.co.nz

    Rippon Vineyard & Winery

    RN 246 Mt Aspiring Road, Lake Wanaka

    Tastings: Dec 每 April 11am to 5pm daily,

    July 每 Nov 1:30pm to 4:30pm daily,

    closed May/June. Picnic area.

    Tel: (03) 443 8084 Fax (03) 443 8034

    E-Mail: info@rippon.co.nz

    Website: www.rippon.co.nz


    Kawarau Estate

    927 Wanaka Road, Cromwell

    Open 26 Dec 每 31 Jan, 10am 每 5pm

    February 每 December by appointment

    Tel: (03) 445 1315 Fax: (03) 445 1325

    E-Mail: wine@kawarauestate.co.nz

    Website: www.kawarauestate.co.nz

    Pisa Range Estate

    Rapid 925, Pisa Flats,

    Cromwell/Wanaka Highway (SH6)

    Visitors welcome by appointment

    Tel/Fax: (03) 445 0412 Mobile: 0274 409 527

    E-Mail: info@pisarangeestate.co.nz

    Website: www.pisarangeestate.co.nz

    Aurum Wines

    140 State Highway 6, Cromwell

    Open for tastings 10am 每 5pm

    Summer daily: Winter Monday 每 Friday

    Tel: (03) 445 3620 Fax: (03) 445 3640

    E-Mail: sales@aurumwines.com

    Website: www.aurumwines.com

    Wooing Tree

    Opposite ※Big Fruit Sculpture§

    Entrance via Shortcut Road, Cromwell

    Open daily 10am 每 5pm

    Winter hours may vary

    Tel: (03) 445 4142

    E-Mail: contact@wooingtree.co.nz

    Website: www.wooingtree.co.nz

    Mount Michael Wines & Estates

    McNab Road, RD 2, Cromwell

    Open for tastings 11am 每 4pm

    Wed 每 Sun Oct 每 April

    Casual hours rest of year or by appointment

    Tel: (03) 445 1351 Fax: (03) 445 1391

    E-Mail: info@mountmichael.co.nz

    Website: www.mountmichael.co.nz

    Central Otago Wine Company Ltd

    102 Gair Avenue

    Off McNulty Road, Cromwell

    Summer Mon 每 Fri 10am每5pm, Sat每Sun 12pm-5pm

    Winter Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm. Hours may vary

    We make and sell a selection of Central Otago Wines.

    Tel: (03) 445 3100 Fax: (03) 445 3101

    E-Mail: wine@cowine.co.nz

    Quartz Reef

    Building 10, Hughes Crescent,

    Lake Dunstan Estate, McNulty Road, Cromwell

    Open Mon 每 Friday 10am 每 3pm

    or by appointment

    Tel: (03) 445 3084

    E-Mail: rudi@quartzreef.co.nz

    Website: www.quartzreef.co.nz

    Rockburn Central Otago

    Cnr Gair Avenue & McNulty Road, Cromwell

    Summer: 7Days (Sept - April)11am 每 4pm

    Winter: Monday to Friday (May - Aug) 11am 每 4pm

    All tastings are complimentary

    Tel / Fax: (03) 445 0555

    E-Mail: winery@rockburn.co.nz

    Website: www.rockburn.co.nz

    The Big Picture


    Cromwell, Central Otago

    Cnr Sandflat Road and State Highway 6


    9am until late, 7 days a week


    Bald Hills

    46 Cornish Point Road,

    via Cairnmuir Road, Bannockburn

    Open daily 11am 每 5pm

    Tel: (03) 445 3161

    Fax: (03) 445 3160

    E-Mail: info@baldhills.co.nz

    Website: www.baldhills.co.nz


    Cairnmuir Road, Bannockburn

    Restaurant & Tastings, Daily 11am 每 5pm

    Innovative Regional Cuisine

    Bookings recommended

    Tel: (03) 445 3480 Fax: (03) 445 3481

    E-Mail: wines@carrick.co.nz

    Website: www.carrick.co.nz

    Bannock Brae Estate

    Cairnmuir Road, Bannockburn

    Open for tastings 11am 每 5pm daily

    or by appointment

    Tel: (03) 445 4426 or 027 221 0695

    Fax: (03) 445 4428

    E-Mail: bbe@ihug.co.nz

    Website: www.bannockbrae.co.nz


    Cairnmuir Road, Bannockburn, Cromwell

    Open daily for tastings

    10am 每 5pm Mon 每 Fri, 11am 每 4pm Sat 每 Sun

    Winery tours by appointment

    Tel: (03) 445 0897 Fax: (03) 445 0898

    E-Mail: info@akarua.com

    Website: www.akarua.com

    Mt Difficulty Wines

    Felton Road, Bannockburn

    Cellar Door tastings 10:30am 每 4:30pm daily

    Restaurant 12 noon 每 3pm daily
    Lunch bookings essential

    Tel: (03) 445 3445 Fax: (03) 445 3446

    E-Mail: cellar.door@mtdifficulty.co.nz

    Website: www.mtdifficulty.co.nz

    Felton Road

    Felton Road, Bannockburn

    Open Monday 每 Friday 2pm 每 5pm

    or by appointment.

    Please phone.

    Tel: (03) 445 0885 Fax: (03) 445 0881

    E-Mail: wines@feltonroad.com

    Website. www.feltonroad.com


    306 Felton Road, Bannockburn

    Open daily for tastings 每 Summer 10am 每 5pm

    Winter 11am 每 4pm, Monday 每 Friday

    Light food available over summer.

    Tel: (03) 445 1716 Fax: (03) 445 0050

    E-Mail: wine@olssens.co.nz

    Website: www.olssens.co.nz

    Desert Heart

    320 Felton Road, Bannockburn

    Visitors welcome by appointment

    Self contained accommodation available

    Tel: (03) 445 3258

    Fax: (03) 445 3259

    E-Mail: wines@desertheart.co.nz

    Website: www.desertheart.co.nz

    Amisfield Winery & Bistro

    10 Lake Hayes Road,

    RD 1, Queenstown

    Open for dining and wine tasting

    10am 每 8pm, 7 days. Bistro closed Monday

    Tel: (03) 442 0556 Fax: (03) 442 0553

    E-Mail: admin@amisfield.co.nz

    Website: www.amisfield.co.nz


    Waitiri Creek

    Church Lane, SH 6, Gibbston, Queenstown

    Open daily November 每 April 10am 每 5pm

    Closed the month of May. Open 10am 每 4pm

    June 每 October. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday

    during winter. Lunch 11am 每 3pm

    Tel: (03) 441 3315 Fax: (03) 441 3316

    E-Mail: info@waitiricreek.co.nz

    Website: www.waitiricreek.co.nz

    Mount Edward Wines Ltd

    Coalpit Road, Gibbston, Queenstown

    Tastings by appointment only

    Tel: (03) 442 6113

    Fax: (03) 442 9119

    E-Mail: wines@mountedward.co.nz

    Website: www.mountedward.co.nz

    Peregrine Wines

    Wentworth Estate

    Kawarau Gorge Road

    State Highway 6, Gibbston, Queenstown

    Open daily for tastings 10am 每 5pm

    Tel: (03) 442 4000 Fax: (03) 442 4038

    E-Mail: info@peregrinewines.co.nz

    Website: www.peregrinewines.co.nz

    Gibbston Valley Wines

    State Highway 6, Gibbston, Queenstown

    Open daily Cellar Door, tastings and gift shop

    10am 每 5pm, Wine cave tours hourly, 10am 每 4pm

    Winery Restaurant 12 noon 每 3pm. Exciting seasonal

    menu featuring the very best local produce.

    Available for functions and weddings

    Tel: (03) 442 6910 Fax: (03) 442 6909

    E-Mail: info@gvwines.co.nz

    Website: www.gvwines.co.nz

    Chard Farm

    Chard Road, State Highway 6, Gibbston

    just after bungee bridge

    Open daily for tasting

    Monday 每 Friday 10am 每 5pm

    Weekends 11am 每 5pm

    Buses and Tours by appointment only

    Tel: (03) 442 6110 Fax: (03) 441 8400

    E-Mail: sales@chardfarm.co.nz

    Website: www.chardfarm.co.nz

    c/o The Winehouse & Kitchen

    Home of Van Asch, Freefall and Rock Ferry wines.

    State Highway 6, 1693, Gibbston, Queenstown

    'Through the Kawarau Bungy Centre Carpark'

    Open daily for tasting, 10am 每 5pm.

    Farmhouse restaurant with hearty, wholesome food.

    Tel: (03) 442 7310

    Fax: (03) 442 7317

    E-Mail: wine@winehouse.co.nz

    Website: www.vanaschwines.co.nz


    Two Paddocks

    315 Strode Road

    Earnscleugh, 1RD Alexandra

    By appointment

    Tel: 027 289 9220 Fax: (03) 449 2755

    E-Mail: sales@twopaddocks.com

    Website: www.twopaddocks.com

    Three Miners

    89 McPherson Road,

    RD1 Alexandra

    Tastings by appointment only

    Tel/Fax: (03) 449 2343

    E-Mail: julie@threeminers.com

    Website: www.threeminers.com

    Dry Gully Vineyard

    113 Earnscleugh Road, Alexandra

    Tastings by appointment only

    Tel/Fax: (03) 449 2030

    Mobile: 021 326 939

    E-Mail: southernwines@xtra.co.nz

    Judge Rock Vineyard

    36 Hillview Road, Alexandra

    Tasting by appointment only

    Tel/Fax: (03) 448 5059

    Mobile: 0274 279 108

    E-Mail: wines@judgerock.co.nz

    Website: www.judgerock.co.nz

    Black Ridge

    Conroys Road, Alexandra

    Open for tastings 10am 每 5pm daily

    Tel: (03) 449 2059

    Fax: (03) 449 2597

    E-Mail: blackridge@clear.net.nz

    Website: www.blackridge.co.nz

    William Hill Vineyard

    Dunstan Road, Alexandra

    Open for tastings 10am 每 4:30pm Oct 每 April

    Tel: (03) 448 8436

    Fax: (03) 448 8434

    E-Mail: sales@williamhill.co.nz

    Website: www.williamhill.co.nz

    The Regions

    Cromwell Region
    1 Packspur Vineyard
    Burn Cottage Road
    Lowburn, Cromwell

    Alexandra Region

    1 Springvale Estate
    Dunstan Road

    2 Leaning Rock Vineyard
    188 Hillview Road

    Queenstown Region

    1 Lake Hayes
    10 Lake Hayes Road
    Lake Hayes
    Central Otago

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